SuperMan Mod for GTA IV Gamma 2.0

Modification that allows you to play as Superman in Grand Theft Auto IV for PC

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    Gamma 2.0

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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  • Program license:Free
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    7.5 (505)

The Man of Steel will emerge as a hero (or villain) of Liberty City for any player that installs the Superman Mod for GTA IV. This brutally endowed crossover is the substance of video game legends!

The powerful patch transforms this game into a deadly superhero adventure. Visual elements earn a major overhaul with the introduction of tight blue spandex. The muscular proportions are insane, and this incarnation of Superman is even more ripped than he is in the movies. Unlike the films, there are no forces binding him to the side of good!

As a result, devious players can create scenes of massive destruction while masquerading as Superman. F5 activates instant flight to capture the complete comic book experience. The airborne controls are uniquely easy to grasp, and players will already be familiar with them as they perfectly match the existing helicopter controls.

The biggest downfall of the flying mechanics lies in the fact that the chopper's exhaust fumes were not removed. This means that trails of smoke follow the famed fighter through the clouds. Most gamers are likely to be disappointed by the obscured view of their caped crusader. Still, the novelty takes a very long time to wear off, and heavy turns will reveal a clearer view of the iconic character.

With this slick mod, Clark Kent gets fully outfitted just to dash around town physically assaulting prostitutes and gangsters. He can also complete all of the game's main objectives and side missions. There are few limits to the capacity of this bold brute.

Unfortunately, there are issues with smooth rendering during key scenes. When combined with excessive speed, angles suddenly turn jagged. The gaps in fluid animation temporarily dispell the mighty illusion. The graphic layers being covered by the mod occassionally flicker in and out. If trapped in a particular corner, this glitch may induce seizures. Fortunately, this visual loading error is quite rare.

It is worth mentioning that unofficial mods have previously landed the developers in hot water with the censors. Past controversies pertaining to unlockable adult material have continued to generate a stigma around the current era of Grand Theft Auto programming manipulations. Players looking for another Hot Coffee experience will surely be let down. This mod fails to add anything lewd to the game, but the existing offenses are made extra shocking. For example, Superman can hijack a Ferrari to run over a prostitute for her cash. These hijinks are unimaginable until witnessed firsthand! The violent carnage is not to be missed.


  • Beautifully rendered Superman caricature
  • Easy flying with F5
  • Free third-party upgrade


  • Helicopter graphics do not synchronize properly
  • The flames emitted during flight resemble fiery flatulence

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